LMP & Formula Car Experience


The LMP & Formula Car Experience at Circuit of The Americas

Featuring the Wolf GB08SM & Pro Formula Mazda

Edge Addicts and Motorsports Southwest are teaming up to bring THE LMP & FORMULA CAR EXPERIENCE to Circuit of The Americas!  Take your driving to the next level and experience the history of racing at your fingertips.

During your LMP & Formula Car Experience, you will:

  • Learn to drive a 150mph Wolf LeMans Prototype (LMP) car with full aero downforce
  • Experience over 2 Gs cornering and 1+ Gs braking
  • Access to the world class Circuit of The Americas (CoTA) for more private instruction & MSR Houston
  • Drive 4-5 20-minute sessions each day
  • Receive expert classroom instruction from professional drivers and instructors
  • Watch in-car video of your best driving sessions
  • View datalogging and analysis of your on-track sessions
  • Take home in-car and on-track photos
  • Receive your personalized video

We can coach you from novice driver to competitive race car driver. We have done this for many people and can do it for you!

Call (512) 413-5359 or email info@motorsports-sw.com for more information.
A Totally Unique Driving Experience