Custom Seat Kits

SFI 45.2 Custom Seat Kits & Insert Kits

Energy Impact System(EIS) kits are now available from Motorsports Southwest, LLC in do-it-yourself packages. This material is the next generation two-part foam seat insert design, providing a ready-to-use seat in approximately one hour.

EIS is a much faster and easier system to make a custom seat than either two-part hard foam or bead seat processes. You can make a seat in 20 minutes, trim it and cover it in a total time of 1 hour. Used by Grand Am, Indy and F1 teams for years.

More than 3000 seats in use.

Energy Impact Systems (EIS) Seat Kits have significant advantages over two-part foam or bead systems and conforms to SFI 45.2.

Each seat kit includes :

  • Liquid foam kit
  • Fire resistant Carbon X cover
  • Sheet of ¼” x 20” x 40” foam
  • Plastic Bag
  • Mixer for Drill
  • Electric carving knife
  • Roll black gaffer’s tape
  • Roll double sided tape

Your comfort, safety and time are worth the investment!