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MSSW Reviews & Testimonials

“I am very satisfied with the car I rented from you. Everything was great, the car and the support; if I come back, I will rent from you. Thanks for everything.”

Amador Perez

“I have rented the Wolf from Motorsports SW and I plan to rent the car again. It was clean, prepared, and set up ready to go. I had a blast driving it and was a definitive Arrive and Drive experience.”

Karl Scheible

The Wolf Driving Experience. “I took it to the next level by renting the Wolf from Motorsports Southwest. The most exciting driving experience in my life was on the famous F1 track the Circuit of the Americas in a LMP prototype race car capable of extreme performance. I felt like a fighter pilot pushing myself to my G limit in every corner and braking zone. I went faster than any other car is capable of doing on this track except maybe the F1 cars.”

The Arrive and Drive Experience. “My wife and I were able to attend happy hour, dinner and relax all while the crew at Motorsports Southwest transported and prepared the car with tires, brake pads, and fuel. When we arrived, the car was warmed up and ready to go. I focused on driving; the crew focused on the car setup. The Motorsports crew checked with me after each session. The crew provided lap times, car data, video and a bit of coaching. Thank you Motorsports Southwest for a great stress-free track weekend.”

The BMS 235iR Driving Experience. “I was able to test drive the latest factory build BMW race car, the 235iR, on the Circuit of the Americas track supplied by Peter Chang at Motorsports Southwest. The car felt light and easy to handle. To my surprise, the car has an unexpected high amount of front grip allowing me to point into corners well. This car comes complete with roll cage, variable traction control, air jacks, PFC brakes and more, right from the factory. A great track or race car experience.”

Motorsports Southwest. “I would like to thank Dean and Peter from Motorsports Southwest for their outstanding attention to detail and their commitment to providing an excellent race car experience for me at the Circuit of the Americas track. See you at the track again soon!”