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LMP Experience


The LMP Experience at Circuit of The Americas

Featuring the Wolf GB08 LMP-CN Prototype

LMP Experience

Edge Addicts and Motorsports Southwest are teaming up to bring THE LMP EXPERIENCE to Circuit of The Americas!  Take your driving to the next level with the G-Force Academy.

During the two-day G-Force Academy Experience, you will:

  • Learn to drive a 150mph Wolf LeMans Prototype-CN car with full aero downforce
  • Experience over 2 Gs cornering and 1+ Gs braking
  • Access to the world class Circuit of The Americas
  • Drive 4-5 20 minute sessions each day
  • Expert classroom instruction from professional drivers and instructors
  • In-car video of your best driving sessions
  • Datalogging and analysis of your on-track sessions
  • In-car and on-track photos
  • Personalized video of your time “The LMP Experience”
  • The G-FORCE ACADEMY has openings available

Call (512) 261-1462 or email for more information.
A Totally Unique Driving Experience