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COTA Car Rentals

COTA Car Rentals!

We have a range of cars available for rental, or full Arrive and Drive at COTA.  Whether you are out for fun, practicing for a race, or just want to check off a box on your bucket list, we can support your needs.  We can also provide full pro coaching with video and data collection.

Don’t trailer or ship your car.  Make it easy and save money!

Arrive & Drive packages include track support, basic car systems instruction, seat fitting, fuel, scrub tires, in-car video, datalogging, and 4 sessions per day. (Does not include event fees)

All cars are all caged and have full race prep. Options include new tires, pro coaching, garage (CoTA and TWS), and we can manage your event registration and fees.

2018 Arrive & Drive Options Menu

COTA Car Rentals

BMW M235iR2017 BMW M235IR Factory Built Race Car (Two Seats)

BMW Factory Built Race Car- Full Race Build

Paddle Shift


Wolf GB08SS2016 Wolf GB08SS (Single Seater)

Honda K24 (285 HP)

1190 lbs

Paddle Shift

Wolf GB08CN2014 Wolf GB08CN (Two Seats)

Honda K20 (255 HP)

1176 lbs

Paddle Shift

Winding Road/Track Driven: Wolf GB08 Sports Racer

Pro Coaching, Video & Data AnalysisOther Options

Pro Coaching, Video & Data Analysis

Set of New Tires

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