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About MotorSports Southwest (MSSW), LLC

Motorsports Southwest, LLC (MSSW) of Austin, Texas is proud to be a dealer for Wolf Race Cars in partnership with Spring Mountain Ranch.

COTA Driver's Perspective

The Wolf GB08 and GB08SM are high quality, high performance, race cars that have dominated multiple race series in Europe including multiple endurance race series such a V de V, SpeedEuro, and Superlights. Wolf has a very successful record of wins and top finishes in the V de V series, the 24 Hours of Zolder, 12 Hours of the Gulf and other European race series.

In September 2012, MSSW made a trip to Europe to survey all the leading CN car manufacturers to assess the companies, the cars and the customer support to identify the best CN car to import to North America. It was obvious that Wolf was the best choice. Not the least expensive but clearly the best.

The GB08 is a series of cars available with two seat or single seat models and available with a range of engine choices from 255 HP to 400 HP.

A true purpose built race car, the Wolf can be configured as a SCCA or NASA sprint car, an HSR Group 7 car, a super fast track day car or an endurance car for races up to 25 hours. This platform is a perfect choice on which to base your winning season or to drive past all your track day buddies.

The Wolf GB08 is available in powertrain configurations from the standard CN configuration, to a 280 HP Honda K24 version and to the ultimate 400 HP/1150 pound rocket.

The Wolf is designed utilizing the latest state of the art suspension technology. The chassis is one of the safest available due to the FIA tested and certified carbon fiber chassis and crashbox. The composite work is top quality as the Wolf composites are manufactured by the same company that makes Dallara DP and Indy car chassis and body work.

The Wolf also offers the next level in driving evolution for you as a driver/racer. The high level of mechanical grip and the huge increase in downforce over a GT car puts you into the next level of skill as a driver. The car generates over 2,000lbs of downforce and weighs in at about 1,400lbs with a driver.

Generating 2.6Gs in the turns and >1.5Gs under braking, renting or owning a Wolf will increase your driving skills and fun. If you are feeling you are near the top of the learning curve in your current car, the Wolf can move you to the big league of drivers in aero cars.

If you do a lot of track days or races, the Wolf can also reduce your costs dramatically. The Wolf operating costs are approximately 20% of the cost of running a Porsche Cup car or Ferrari. How about brake pads for all four corners for $300? Engine rebuild for $3600 every 100 hours!

You can go faster, improve your driving skills and spend less with a Wolf! If you are in a Viper, Ferrari, Porsche, Radical, BMW or most any other GT car, we can INCREASE YOUR FUN AND DECREASE YOUR COSTS!

Call or email to get more details and start your journey to fast reliable laps around the track.

MSSW also offers the following Wolf related and race related products and services:

  • Wolf GB08 Two Seat Race/Track Day Cars
  • Wolf GB08 Single Seat Race/Track Day Cars
  • Arrive and Drive Packages at Circuit of the Americas, Spring Mountain Ranch, Tracks in Texas or anywhere in the U.S.
  • Race Seats for Key US and Europe Endurance Races
  • Used Race/Track Day Cars from Wolf
  • EIS Foam Seat Kits For Comfort, Safety and Better Driving Performance